Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things I Do on a Regular Basis

1) Over-use commas.
2)Worry that something, whether it's a wreck or a flat tire, will cause me to not make it to work or class.
3)Ask, "Really?"
4)Put in Gilmore Girls just so something is going on in the background.
5)Make to-do lists, pointless lists, grocery lists, and even lists of lists I still plan on making..
6)Press the snooze button.
7)Plan to press the snooze button.
8)Eat dessert in the middle of dinner.
9)Preach to people about the importance of a healthy dog food (and cat) while simultaneously bashing Science Diet, Iambs, Purina, and Eukanuba.
10) Procrastinate.
11)Ask Brett to "tell me something."
12)Stop by Sonic for nothing but a water (with that wonderful ice)
13)Accidentally combine words when speaking/pronounce them as if they were Spanish/Mispronounce them entirely all together. Example of one being 'beveragements' per beverage and refreshments.
14)Wish I was five pounds lighter and invincible.
15)Paint my nails and toenails.
16)Consider dumping out my entire underwear drawer and buying $200 worth of new everythings.
17)Crave chocolate and sweet tea.
18)Seriously contemplate not turning off the interstate when going anywhere. What would happen if I just kept going?
19)Miss my mommy.
20)Get sick/allergic/develop something rare that completely turns my routines upside down.


L A W said...

Hello! I stumbled across you via Lauren Mc's follower list.

Gray said...

1,6,7,10, and 20 are me!