Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Laura Projects and Dismayed Roommates

The following is the result of an off-from-work Laura...Our house ladies and gentlemen:

Hand painted by: Laura;Model:Madie

Go ahead, ask how many pumpkins she bought...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For some reason, Madie has decided to morph into spastic-demon-kitty around 5:30am this past week. This means I don't awake to what I now consider my peaceful alarm clock, but to Starbucks mugs being pushed off my nightstand and books plummeting to floor; Books that were precariously and painstakingly set up like dominoes... I awake to paws strumming my cheap, plastic blinds( a very loud noise for so early in the morning) and to toy (but eerily, real-looking) mice surrounding my pillow.

But, this morning I also woke up cold with my room bathed in strips of sunlight that trickled through the blinds.
And somehow my badly beginning morning was stripped away and it's quite possible that LaurieMac wasn't the only one showing off her dance moves.;)
Let us all just pay tribute to Autumn....Okay, check. Moving on.

...When she was tiny and cute. And less destructive (or so it seems).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things I Do on a Regular Basis

1) Over-use commas.
2)Worry that something, whether it's a wreck or a flat tire, will cause me to not make it to work or class.
3)Ask, "Really?"
4)Put in Gilmore Girls just so something is going on in the background.
5)Make to-do lists, pointless lists, grocery lists, and even lists of lists I still plan on making..
6)Press the snooze button.
7)Plan to press the snooze button.
8)Eat dessert in the middle of dinner.
9)Preach to people about the importance of a healthy dog food (and cat) while simultaneously bashing Science Diet, Iambs, Purina, and Eukanuba.
10) Procrastinate.
11)Ask Brett to "tell me something."
12)Stop by Sonic for nothing but a water (with that wonderful ice)
13)Accidentally combine words when speaking/pronounce them as if they were Spanish/Mispronounce them entirely all together. Example of one being 'beveragements' per beverage and refreshments.
14)Wish I was five pounds lighter and invincible.
15)Paint my nails and toenails.
16)Consider dumping out my entire underwear drawer and buying $200 worth of new everythings.
17)Crave chocolate and sweet tea.
18)Seriously contemplate not turning off the interstate when going anywhere. What would happen if I just kept going?
19)Miss my mommy.
20)Get sick/allergic/develop something rare that completely turns my routines upside down.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Aches, Thoughts, and Updates

I started running again...Not the responsibly-paced jog, truly running...It isn't sprinting either, for I run with zero consideration of my time or form, I simply flee.

In an attempt to not maul anyone over, I generally do this in the trails... at night. And the best part is--I always get scared. I run for my life..I run as if someone is chasing me. I guess I'm a bit of an adrenalin-rush addict..But better this then hitch-hiking, right? ;)

Did you know I care what people think? I shrug it off mostly, I fake a grin and a confident smirk, but it's there--that crushed spirit of a girl who cares.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Insights into the Average Girl

I want to say it all..

Do you know how hard it is to write honestly when the person you're dating reads your journal? It's an interesting conquest. Every word in the sentence is a piece of you and every piece of you is a potential part he could reject. And rejection scares the hell out of me.

It's part of the reason, I am Mysterious is how Garth(an old one-fail date) put it, but I call it guarded. I think I've accomplished a lot though for 2 months, I think we're on the right path.

Paths, by the way, also scare me..(Let me just devote this entire entry to my list of fears..)
Want to know the path I want (not necessarily on)?..Well, I'll share my dream path-- if all I'm considering is me, because to put down a path that includes someone else, I may freak a few people out, because after all, it has only been two months. RambleRambleRambleAnyways.

I want to work for a publishing company. Random House for instance. I want to edit and play with words. I want to discover beautiful stories and share them with the world. I want a family of people who love books and who love each other. I want to live in Connecticut. Or Maryland. Or Massachusetts. Or Virgina, or even North Carolina. And I want to write a book. I have my snippets picked out...or handed to me really..I'm just missing the plot..heh.
Know what my major is? I bet you don't, because my Facebook lies. English:Creative Writing. Minor:Journalism-Public Relations

Want to know when I graduate: There's no telling. Not on time, that's for sure...But I'm content with this. I have other tasks to attend to.

Like learning how to love someone more then myself.
Like saving for an internship that's going to take me into the business bustle of New York for ten weeks.
Like learning how to sew, so I can finally stop searching stores for the designs in my head.
Like singing & playing one song in front of a crowd, just to prove I can.
Like getting to know my Savior, my Father, and my only hope in making it anywhere at all.

I wanted to tell it all, but I'm not so sure I'm ready for the world to see my downfall.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scratched Out & Painted White

I am blank...Or rather, I am crumpled at the bottom of your book bag, covered in scribbles and doodles and scratch-out marks. Yep, that is me, the worthless girl.

It's funny, I never thought I'd be here. Or anywhere near here. I was this shy, reserved, avoid-all-human-interaction girl. I was that girl who cried if the teacher picked on her, who dreaded recess, and lunch hour...

Nonetheless, here I am, pursuing a career in journalism and crossing my fingers that I can become fearless in a matter of months..
Perhaps I should just retreat back to my book haven. I can become a frizzy-haired, cat-owning recluse who stays within the walls of her familiar sanctuary writing pages upon pages of life through characters. There's no failure in that.

These fears and doubts are off topic however, and so I am back to my principal statement: I am blank.

I am blank in a way that I can't describe...Possibly because my words are being swallowed by blankness and taking my thoughts right along with them.

Oh, what's that Professor, you want an opinion...?