Saturday, November 28, 2009

Complaints & Thanks

Let me just say that colds are the absolute worst.

I blame this primarily on the fact that I am still expected to carry on with my ever-so-painful-but-required-to-live responsibilities; For it is only a cold and I am completely capable of functioning.

"But it's the absolute worst," I exclaim in my most dedicated whine.

My ears are neither here nor there. I don't know what I'm listening to...Can you hear pain? I just had a thought(a rare occurence for today): I really shouldn't be ending my sentences with prepositions. But alas, proper grammar can bite me.

I have eaten nothing but soft foods this weekend in order to spare my throat. Hello oatmeal, Slimfast, and filling drinks, I am utterly sick of you.

I'm not even going to venture into the subject of breathing. Respiration and I are through. Finished. Over. Done.

Okay, okay. No more complaining.


Even as I sniffle, heavy-headed and confined at work, I know all I have...I am grateful. (really)

I am especially grateful for the small amount of schooling I have left; A year less than I originally thought. And a special thanks goes out to the 3 papers and 5 tests that await me before freedom for Christmas. So close.

But mostly, I am thankful for a beautiful God who despite all of my consistent falls and failures has never once failed to provide... whether He does it through friends, finance, or through that comfort only He can bestow.
*Or through the invention of TheraFlu

Steady and constant, He is my refuge, my provider, and my only source of strength. And I truly am grateful.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

elations of my heart

It is cold. Hunched-shoulders and fires cold.

I am done for the night. Printed, stapled papers await to be handed in and judged.

I ,however, await to be lulled to sleep by chocolate milk and Houston Levee drivers.

An anxious game of petal picking ended on a happy note. He loves me. He loves me not... He loves me.

This once too-tiny apartment feels a lot like comfort and home.

Lunch coming soon with a dearly missed friend.

Thanksgiving festivities filled with turkey, cranberries, and awkward parents.

Christmas in Gatlinburg...Almost here.Almost here. Almost here!

Sleep. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Theme of the Week

Okay, get excited. I'm about to post a puzzle for you. I am going to give you a list of clues which will ultimately lead you to this weeks theme(for me-- not the entire population). Ready?

  1. You sell a pair of jeans on Ebay. A woman buys them. She pays through paypal, but somehow ends up using an Echeck rather than an instant transfer. This means it takes 5 days to clear before you actually receive the funds. A week and a half later, she rudely accuses you of lying about the funds not posting immediately and that you're just late on shipping them.
  2. Demons masquerading as a pre-adolescent soccer team rampage your store the entire 5 minutes before you close. Where are their parents? Eating at the restaurant next door. You're officially a babysitter and closing late (until you crack and find yourself chunking dog toys while mumbling threats of forced-cat-treat-consumption).
  3. Not one, not two, but three people cut you off and then reduce their speed dramatically.
  4. Your bank of 6 years just gave you a $140 overdraft charge for the grand total of about $50 bucks that you "borrowed" from them.

Well? Did you figure it out? I could give you more clues, but I'm running a little low on time. Here, I'll tell you, this week's theme is:

*insert drum roll and game show voice here*

PEOPLE. CrazyRudeSelfishImpatientGreedyExcusesforHumanBeings...(I say this like I haven't ever been attributed by one of these...ehem.)

And my objective is:

to love them.

...I'll let you know how that's going after my boxing session.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I can no longer attempt to organize. Please note that period. Organize. Period.
There will be no more shuffling of notes, blueprints to fix friendships, laundry, picking up after Madie, or lists on upcoming projects/papers to be done.

I quit.

That felt good, let me say that again. I QUIT.

...okay, so maybe I can't quit everything for good, but as far as tonight goes, I'm shutting off. All systems are down.

Except...I can't stop thinking and I'm almost certain that to get ANY rest at all tonight, I'm going to have to write. Write it all down. Because what goes on paper (or a computer screen) leaves my mind.
So for fair warning, you should probably skip this entry and move onto another blog. one of substance and point.

  • I will make an A on tomorrow's exam if I wake up early enough to review. Alarm clock--Set.Check.
  • After class: Finish Cleaning,post office, return movies, clean Madie's ears/clip nails, get cans for donation, Spanish, work on TV project, catch up on reading, work on changing address, and all other never-ending, productive hassles.
  • Disagreements happen. I can't fix a friendship by myself, and if you don't bother to respond, we will remain stuck.. That said, it doesn't really seem like you care too much anyway.
  • Do you think you're spiritually mature? If you answer yes to this-- chances are you're missing a bigger picture and aren't. Never stop searching. Matureness in Christ can ALWAYS grow.
  • Work- Take off Dec. 27th-30th.
  • Research term paper. Due November 30th.

Finally, with stilled thoughts and silence (aside from the ticking of a clock and chirping of the crickets) I shall bid you a goodnight.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome to November; The Thankful Month

I am to memorize the following, which is to be laid out word for word in an exam essay depending on the topic given:

Determinism--In the case of everything that exists,there are antecedent conditions, known or unknown, given which that thing could not be other than it is. More simply, all events are rendered unavoidable by their causes. More dramatically, for any thing that exists, it has, at any instant, exactly one possible future.

Indeterminism--Human acts are not caused, or if they are caused by certain inner states (desires, impulses, choices, volitions,etc.) then these inner states are not caused by anything.

Hard Determinism- Since determinism is a true theory, no one has ever been morally responsible for what he or she has ever done.

Soft Determinism (Compatibilism)--Although determinism is true and all human action is rendered unavoidable by antecedent causes, voluntary action is free to the extent that it is not externally constrained or impeded. In the absence of such obstacles and constraints, the causes of voluntary behavior are certain states, events, or conditions within the agent herself, namely her own acts of will. So even if we are determined, a person can be said to act freely under some conditions.

Theory of Agency--Sometimes a human being originates events without anything else(some mental event, brain states, etc.) causing him to do so. Some chains of causation begin with human beings themselves.


Why did I think this class would be neat?