Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Theme of the Week

Okay, get excited. I'm about to post a puzzle for you. I am going to give you a list of clues which will ultimately lead you to this weeks theme(for me-- not the entire population). Ready?

  1. You sell a pair of jeans on Ebay. A woman buys them. She pays through paypal, but somehow ends up using an Echeck rather than an instant transfer. This means it takes 5 days to clear before you actually receive the funds. A week and a half later, she rudely accuses you of lying about the funds not posting immediately and that you're just late on shipping them.
  2. Demons masquerading as a pre-adolescent soccer team rampage your store the entire 5 minutes before you close. Where are their parents? Eating at the restaurant next door. You're officially a babysitter and closing late (until you crack and find yourself chunking dog toys while mumbling threats of forced-cat-treat-consumption).
  3. Not one, not two, but three people cut you off and then reduce their speed dramatically.
  4. Your bank of 6 years just gave you a $140 overdraft charge for the grand total of about $50 bucks that you "borrowed" from them.

Well? Did you figure it out? I could give you more clues, but I'm running a little low on time. Here, I'll tell you, this week's theme is:

*insert drum roll and game show voice here*

PEOPLE. CrazyRudeSelfishImpatientGreedyExcusesforHumanBeings...(I say this like I haven't ever been attributed by one of these...ehem.)

And my objective is:

to love them.

...I'll let you know how that's going after my boxing session.


Beliar said...

FORGET people haha.

Brettus said...

Damn.. over the course of this week, it's safe to say that you and the rest of the world have not coexisted very well. Hope I get a chance to witness hell raising kids & crazy drivers or whatever havoc comes your way next heh..