Tuesday, November 17, 2009

elations of my heart

It is cold. Hunched-shoulders and fires cold.

I am done for the night. Printed, stapled papers await to be handed in and judged.

I ,however, await to be lulled to sleep by chocolate milk and Houston Levee drivers.

An anxious game of petal picking ended on a happy note. He loves me. He loves me not... He loves me.

This once too-tiny apartment feels a lot like comfort and home.

Lunch coming soon with a dearly missed friend.

Thanksgiving festivities filled with turkey, cranberries, and awkward parents.

Christmas in Gatlinburg...Almost here.Almost here. Almost here!

Sleep. :)


Beliar said...

i want to see the apartment! my friend keeps trying to get me to move out with her and camden grove is one of the places she's considering.

Amanda Brunton said...

I'll have you over one day after work soon..when you don't have class. And you can totally re-bond with Madie.:)