Saturday, November 28, 2009

Complaints & Thanks

Let me just say that colds are the absolute worst.

I blame this primarily on the fact that I am still expected to carry on with my ever-so-painful-but-required-to-live responsibilities; For it is only a cold and I am completely capable of functioning.

"But it's the absolute worst," I exclaim in my most dedicated whine.

My ears are neither here nor there. I don't know what I'm listening to...Can you hear pain? I just had a thought(a rare occurence for today): I really shouldn't be ending my sentences with prepositions. But alas, proper grammar can bite me.

I have eaten nothing but soft foods this weekend in order to spare my throat. Hello oatmeal, Slimfast, and filling drinks, I am utterly sick of you.

I'm not even going to venture into the subject of breathing. Respiration and I are through. Finished. Over. Done.

Okay, okay. No more complaining.


Even as I sniffle, heavy-headed and confined at work, I know all I have...I am grateful. (really)

I am especially grateful for the small amount of schooling I have left; A year less than I originally thought. And a special thanks goes out to the 3 papers and 5 tests that await me before freedom for Christmas. So close.

But mostly, I am thankful for a beautiful God who despite all of my consistent falls and failures has never once failed to provide... whether He does it through friends, finance, or through that comfort only He can bestow.
*Or through the invention of TheraFlu

Steady and constant, He is my refuge, my provider, and my only source of strength. And I truly am grateful.


Brettus said...
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Brettus said...

You seemed like you felt somewhat better tonight..

Makes me happy you have less than a year left of school (hopefully). Guess I better get on it hah.. I bet I look forward to you finishing your god-awful papers/tests more than you do ;)