Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome to November; The Thankful Month

I am to memorize the following, which is to be laid out word for word in an exam essay depending on the topic given:

Determinism--In the case of everything that exists,there are antecedent conditions, known or unknown, given which that thing could not be other than it is. More simply, all events are rendered unavoidable by their causes. More dramatically, for any thing that exists, it has, at any instant, exactly one possible future.

Indeterminism--Human acts are not caused, or if they are caused by certain inner states (desires, impulses, choices, volitions,etc.) then these inner states are not caused by anything.

Hard Determinism- Since determinism is a true theory, no one has ever been morally responsible for what he or she has ever done.

Soft Determinism (Compatibilism)--Although determinism is true and all human action is rendered unavoidable by antecedent causes, voluntary action is free to the extent that it is not externally constrained or impeded. In the absence of such obstacles and constraints, the causes of voluntary behavior are certain states, events, or conditions within the agent herself, namely her own acts of will. So even if we are determined, a person can be said to act freely under some conditions.

Theory of Agency--Sometimes a human being originates events without anything else(some mental event, brain states, etc.) causing him to do so. Some chains of causation begin with human beings themselves.


Why did I think this class would be neat?

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