Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've decided to dedicate this day to a number, to the eminent digit of 66.
Currently, it's the number of things I should be doing and desperately need to have done, finished,and put(perhaps shoved) behind me. Sixty-six is also quite possibly the amount of hours it would take me to accomplish a small portion of my to-do list--KitKat breaks not accounted. But above all(or rather below all), it's the grade I received on my grammar test.

I have an excuse for this. Actually, I have many. One: I had to move this weekend. Zero time to study. Two: For one reason or another, I packed my book. Ergo, I couldn't study when I actually found the time early Monday morning. Three: I can't think, I can't relax, I can't do anything other then robotic-ly put away my things and stare at the TV.

I don't know why I'm so upset about it, we get to drop our lowest grade, and that without a doubt, was mine. Actually, I'm pretty certain thats the lowest grade I've EVER received in an English-based class...So here's to you,66, you have absolutely made my day.


No really, it hasn't been a horrible day-- despite my dedication to a number I've now decided to ban from my mind.
For instance, today I had an epiphany: My stress is completely, utterly, absolutely uncalled for. Why am I hastily making lists of things I "need" for the apartment, to do, to change, to finish. Bath mats, really and truly are in no way important to my existence here. You're saying "Duh" right now, but think about it. What's causing you stress? What are you spending your time thinking about instead of spending time with the only One who can give you peace in the first place?


I am exhausted.
Note to self: Moving sucks.

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