Friday, October 2, 2009

Fridays of Charm

Let me just say that I should not be here. There's a pancake sausage 'corndog' in my hand, my attention is being split between the news (which just showed Obama, the First Lady, and Oprah across a split screen...scary) and updating my insanely popular blog for the people... Egotistical? Me?

Where I should be is in class. At this exact hour and minute, I should be sitting third seat from the front, directly up against the wall, struggling against space for a place to set my book, workbook, and notebook. And I should feel slightly more guilty..After all, it was last semester that I learned the difference between an A and a B is absences and being there(both physically and mentally).

I am suddenly regretting giving my mother the link to my blog...Expecting a call about skipping school later..

"Why don't you feel guilty," you ask in an attempt to take me back to subject.

Because it is gorgeous outside, which means it is my house lit up with sunlight instead of artificial light (another weird quirk about me--you will find me sitting in the dark more often then sitting with a lamp on), because my house is an absolute mess and yes, I actually am looking forward to cleaning it. I'm also looking forward to leaving the house composed, rather then throwing on an AAP shirt and dashing out the door, hair frizzed and half straightened trailing behind me.

And because lists is what I do when I'm on the verge of being overwhelmed, here goes mine.

To Do:

Finish Laundry, Fold and Put Away
Clean Litter Box
Vacuum Room, Entry Way, and Living Room
Email Span. Prof, Do assignments
Advertising, Finish Outlining
Look for Victor's and the rest of Marla's B-day Gift
Pack up Computer for Work
Dad's B-day Present

Mow the backyard, aka The Jungle

Grocery List

Diet Cokes
Lean Pockets
Orange Juice
Toilet Paper
Dr.Pepper/Mountain Dew-Brett


Dar said...

After reading this that reminds me, how's that Advertising class. Was it as interesting as you hoped it would be?

Amanda Brunton said...

Due to a comedic professor it really is..Unfortunately, the reading and studying required outside of class isn't as interesting. :/