Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, I'm stuck. Again.

I'm not stuck in everything. My relationships are growing, intimately and in friendship. My schooling is going well (I write this now because after Friday's Philosophy exam it may change).My future and dreams are becoming clearer and more attainable. My health is improving (at least my exercise routines are being followed). And yet somehow, I'm staying still in the most important relationship of all.
It's days like this, that I need so badly to just turn everything off and lie in His presence. I just need to be His and for Him to be my only focus..Then maybe I can stop running in place and truly understand all that it means to be alive for Him.

Distractions of the Moment:

  • On Saturday, Brett and I are going to Nashville to visit the grandparents and do all types of artsy Nashville things.
  • Our house sold, so Laura and I will soon(less then 3 weeks soon) be moving into the Camden Grove apartments...This means a fresh easel for decorating..
  • Which means, I really need(..want) to get a new bookcase (I'm wishing floor to ceiling) and add the following items to craigslist: Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer, Treadmill,and probably more. Anybody interested?
  • Phil. Exam on Friday that requires two essay questions answered from John Mills/Kants point of view.
  • Somehow get Kim Iverson to accept an interview..
  • Bills.Bills.Christmas Presents.Savings.

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