Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tribute to June

You know that image we have at the start of summer? Where you're sipping sweet tea poolside, book in hand, and plans yet to be made?

That is so far from June.

I've had doorknobs, cabinet handles, sink knobs, you name it--I've torn off about 12 this month.
Please understand, I am not the Hulk.
I know how to open a door and turn on the sink. I know, this isn't horrible and by the 4th detached knob, I was smiling wryly... but I'm allowed to add it into the equation of pestering, pernicious June.

I'm also allowed to complain about my hair dryer blowing up, and my straightner that decided to mimic a lukewarm pile of plastic...These things aren't cheap.
And my face exploding. I am not being dramatic, it looks like little craters of lava developed there.

Did I mention some woman gunned her car into the side of mine WHILE I was driving?
Okay, now I'm being dramatic. But good grief, that car has been through enough this year.

I could continue on, but that would take all day and it's not the point of this entry.
Rather, the point is simple--Sunflowers
Pretty, simple, sun-loving sunflowers.
That's what it took to remind me to smile, to breathe, and to shrug it all off.

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