Monday, November 1, 2010

red pens and wine

I think I've started a bad habit. But my goodness---these stories are awful.
Seriously, do you know what proofreading is? Is there a reason you're writing in passive voice and switching tenses in every other sentence?

I always planned on getting my teaching certificate, not because I want to teach, but because I don't plan on sticking to any one career. I want to see the world, not get stuck in one corner of it. Even as a kid, I had a dozen different 5-year-plans. The plan I'm on now involves all natural dog food and an English degree. Next year's plan? I don't really know, but it may involve teaching--so I was prepared to take the necessary tests.

I've got red ink smeared across my face and some girl's paper.
F I'm going to fail you all. That's how much patience I have.
Teaching may not make it into any of my plans.
Please Note:
Hay= Horse's hay

Despite my complete lack of understanding, compassion, patience,*any attribute of grace enter here*, I've found a way to write, what I think, is a decent and helpful critique.
And it's name is Pinot Noir and Hershey's Dark Chocolate.

Here's to reading 17 more.

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