Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girls & Trees

This past week has probably weilded more odd moments from me then the entire past year.
I can blame this primarily on the hormones coursing throughout my body, but also on the fact that it's June and June was our month.
Friday, I found myself in a darkened store with Madie (my cat) to keep me company, while the tornado sirens (located conviently and directly behind our store) attempted to both warn and deafen us. I was fine. I was alone and slightly freaked out, but I was fine.
I was fine the entire drive home, through the makeshift four-way stops and branch covered streets, I was happy almost. Natural disasters have a way of unifying us, don't they?
I was fine, up until the point where I turned into my driveway and found our tree split in half. Partly standing, partly dead.
And then came the tears. Tears that I can't give a name to, can't find something for them to stand for.

Except possibly, that I am a mess. A wreck of a girl who has nothing to say and everything to hide from. If I sit here and think, I'm sure I could create symbolism between me and that tree..But that would be something to say. And I'm content for the moment on being my own natural disaster.

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Edith said...

A week or two ago, I accidentally snapped the head off a lily that was about to bud and I wept. Totally and utterly. So I completely get you and your trees drama.
(I cry any time ANYTHING changes, like even when my mum moves the furniture around on my parents' house; I feel like that's my childhood she's deleting..!)