Sunday, July 12, 2009

dipping into the shallow end

I absolutly loathe myself today.

I am in such a place of annoyance that I can't even muster up a decent explanation of self-hatred. Let's start with the fact that for several days I keep waking up to tiny, evil, flaky, red bumps who are clearly on a mission to destroy my mouth. I have thrown out my usual makeup, I have chunked my chapsticks, I have started actually drinking water, my pillows have been washed, and to my cat's displeasure-- so was she. I should be safe. I should be confident as I leave my house, and I shouldn't be honestly considering holing up until the offensive rash has decided to part...But here I am with a towel over my face and the sudden bewilderment that perhaps maybe, this rash was given to me for a purpose. Do I care more about my outisides than my insides?

And once again, He comes down to my level to bring me up to his.

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Gray said...

I know how this is! They really are pure evil! I'm very self-conscious on my appearance and it bothers me too, but no matter how much I dread going out, I still do... most of the time. Don't sweat it though, you are very pretty and anyone who says anything or judges you is shallow and I will beat them up. Also, if you're going out with friends, well they are your friends and they should care less.