Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For some reason, Madie has decided to morph into spastic-demon-kitty around 5:30am this past week. This means I don't awake to what I now consider my peaceful alarm clock, but to Starbucks mugs being pushed off my nightstand and books plummeting to floor; Books that were precariously and painstakingly set up like dominoes... I awake to paws strumming my cheap, plastic blinds( a very loud noise for so early in the morning) and to toy (but eerily, real-looking) mice surrounding my pillow.

But, this morning I also woke up cold with my room bathed in strips of sunlight that trickled through the blinds.
And somehow my badly beginning morning was stripped away and it's quite possible that LaurieMac wasn't the only one showing off her dance moves.;)
Let us all just pay tribute to Autumn....Okay, check. Moving on.

...When she was tiny and cute. And less destructive (or so it seems).

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Anonymous said...

You and your cat are cute.