Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello, May

I've formed a new habit recently, and I place full blame on Shelby and Abby. It's this sort of head cock to the side, a considerate maybe slightly confused, moment of wonder that generally comes after the word "treat" is tossed around.
(along with:grandpa's, ride, outside, park, potty and anything said to them in that overly-friendly dog voice)

I can't help it. My amazement is directly related to the tilt of my head; I have zero control.

It's not the change. I'm used to change. As Christians we're constantly growing (or should be), our desires morph into His, and our hearts transform into something new, something less damaged. Friendships break, relationships form, people leave, people die; Change and I are anything but strangers; nothing he does can shock me.
No, this isn't amazement at change. This is something else.


Laura and I have gotten pretty good at substituting missing puzzle peices. I'm not talking merely keeping busy and denying their existence. I'm talking about Legos and Linkin Logs kind of filling...


I'm no longer waiting for that specific "plan" of His to find me. That's not even Biblical.. I'm not sure why so many of us seem to get stuck behind it. Those of us who are waiting around to hear from God, are the ones that end up wasting precious time on things that truly don't matter. I've decided to stick to this new philosophy:
1)Find God/Continue to seek Him.
2)Pray & Study
3)Listen & Learn
4)Love (God,Friends,Strangers)
5)Everything else is relative

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