Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's summer...and I have TIME. I don't know about the rest of you, but this basically translates into a period of life where nothing planned (back when I didn't possess time) gets done. Instead new seasons are downloaded, books (that aren't on my need-to-read list) get read, and my fingernails change colors daily.

But not this month.

I'm starting a new project. Projects actually; yes, call me Ms.Productivity and buy me an apron. I'm going to start cooking...And to incorporate project #2(health), I will be cooking a variety of nutritious meals while doing lunges from the counter to the pantry (don't picture that).

Granted, I'm broke for the next week and a half, but as soon as I'm not, Fresh Market will know me by name and outfit (project #3 entails I sew myself a new wardrobe).

Grilled Chicken and Greenbeans. That's Project #1. I must start out small here. Those hot box things are home to the Devil, I swear. It's the ultimate punishment--a metal, greasy cell(who really cleans their oven?) of boil-inducing heat. Way scarier than lakes of fire.
By the way, who knew that when the light went off it meant it was ready? (Thanks, Matt)
How much harder could it have been to include a bell? I mean seriously.

And lets not forget my issues with knives. My chicken will be pre-cut. I'll worry about dicing vegetables next week (stuffed peppers--project #4).

I may invest in one of those nifty vegetable/meat cutting machines..They make those, right?
I'd like to keep my fingers if possible, but pinkies are negotiable. Fingers crossed I get to keep my thumbs.. I'm rather attached to them.

Here's to summer projects. :)

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