Saturday, May 15, 2010

She, Her, and I

So let me just state the obvious. I am a girl. And with this celebrated and perplexing duty comes three basic questions:

1)Am I beautiful to you? What happens if it fades; If my flaws outshine those pocket-sized points of prettiness?
2)Am I good enough? Smart enough? Witty enough? Talented enough to succeed,to cook, to sew,to argue, to hold a conversation with a stranger, to sing, to dance, to write, to effect?
3)Am I loved?

Seriously guys, those 3 questions, are the essence of girl. Write it down, take notes, but know that you can't answer any of them enough to erase the questions.
It's been sewn into our soul. We are creatures who were created to compliment, to be captivating(as John and Stasi Eldredge write), to love and be loved.

See we're actually quite simple really... I don't know how we got labeled as crazy-complicated, chocolate-driven, creatures of hormones. So off-base.

And that sums up my girl-wisdom. Time for a brownie.

1 comment:

L A W said...

Just so you know, the answer to all 3 of those questions will always be yes.

And as for girls being simple. Nope. You haven't convinced me. I don't think anything confuses me more than girls do. So many words and/or actions that are contradictory.