Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have this list of things I should be doing at the moment. But I also have a full day before a night class tomorrow, so motivation to read that story and those chapters is somewhere between down there and before plunging the toilet.

...I pride myself in not being a dramatic person.
I don't want to be that girl. The one with all the problems, who's boyfriend died, who had an "unstable" childhood. The victim, the girl who needs help, who doesn't trust.
I have zero interest in being her.

But these days, that's the girl I seem to be. Maybe the girl I'm becoming.
So lets think. How do I break this cycle? How can I stop being so incredibly needy, when I'm not even looking for help?

What happened??


I think, tomorrow, I'll make another phone call to another type of doctor. Maybe then I won't be so....



*it's easier to relax when I take steps back*


L A W said...

You're not crazy.
You're just suffering from Lee Weaver withdrawel. It happens all the time to those people I love who go a long time without my presence.
You just need a fix. ;)

Amanda Brunton said...

OMG, I bet you're right... We'll have to do a movie night super soonish. Or a make-your-own sundae night?mmmmmm