Thursday, January 27, 2011


I would like to just take a moment and
bitch slap my day.


First of all, it was my fault. My body doesn't respond well to pills ever really(there's been an incident every year since 1992). So when the head shivers and nauseousness hit me, I panicked. I can only miss one day of class, use it now? Can I drive? Is this going to last all day? Should I force myself to eat that pizza? Can I lay down and leave Lily in her cage?
But, decisions and head shivers don't get along, unless it has something to do with sleep.
So, I got in bed, figuring I'd sleep through it and worry about emails later.
Only, I'm one of those good grade, teacher-pleasing girls (when it comes to my English classes anyway), so I couldn't stay still. I couldn't stop worrying that I was missing something really important.
So I went. I wore dirty clothes and sunglasses in the building, but I went.

AND SHE WASN'T EVEN THERE. That, my dear friends, was not my fault. Instead, she sent another professor to read from one of his books. So I sat there--in angry fuzziness--and listened (or sort of).


I'm not even going to go into the flat tire I got while driving home.

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