Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skip, Leap and a Jump

One of these days I'm going to book a vacation that is so long, I can't WAIT to get back.
I'll be antsy to work, to make my bed,to return to a life of responsibility and to-do lists.

Don't shake your head, it happens..

ople become grateful for their everyday hassles. They miss their burnt dinners and busy schedules.

They do.

And me..well, I'll be no doubt living through imaginary characters spaced out on my pages and screens, impatient for a chance to return to my own reality--complete with purchase orders, a kangaroo planner, and laundry to wash, iron and fold.

It will be a vacation where from sunrise to sunset I'll be doing everything people dream about when they currently reside at a desk behind bored eyes and a dirty window.

One of these days..

Can I please skip this part and move onto the next phase? I ache for a family to call my own..a home to nourish..and a husband to cherish...

Then maybe I won't need to book a vacation that inspires a desire to be here..and not everywhere and anywhere else.

One of these days..
Hey, it could happen.


Xbox 360 Supportand 3 Flashing Lights said...

Keep your chin up. I know what you mean, though about wishing you loved being home or just wanting that feeling again of loving home so much that you can't wait to be back. The last time I can remember feeling that, it was only because I was staying with a friend who had a very abusive husband. It was so sad, it just made me want to go back to my own safe, if lonely, life. Thanks for your post and keep searching for the life you want!

Brettus said...

..I look forward to the day so much when I (we) have a family of my (our) own as well, and can't wait to progress through a few steps in this life and in a sense grow up. I think about 'it' all the time and nothing else makes me happier than to think of this dream.. where having a home and enjoying everyday family life which in itself is a vacation- a dream one day that is very attainable..